Research and Exhibitions

I currently work as a student researcher at AxLab, or the Actuated Experience Lab at the University of Chicago. Here are some of the most exciting oppurtunites I've had to present my work!

FabRobotics: Fusing 3D Printing with Mobile Robots to Advance Fabrication, Robotics, and Interaction

Paper presented at ACM TEI '24

FabRobotics combines 3D printing with mobile swarm robots to extend the functionalities of both the printer and the robots through three core pillars: Assistive Fabrication, Adaptive Robotics, and On-Demand Interaction.

[e]Motion: Designing Expressive Movement in Robots and Actuated Tangible User Interfaces

Studio presented at ACM TEI '24

[e]Motion explored the emotive capabilities of robots by allowing participants to join in a process that allowed them to design and animate motions using robots. I built a toolkit for users to record and playback specific motions using mobile robots.

Actuated Experi[ences|ments]

Exhibit at Ars Electronica 2023

At Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, the premier Art and Tech Festival, AxLab showcased three of our latest experimental works which explore how actuation technology and AI could shape the future through their integration into everyday spaces, toys, and materials. 

Threading Space: Kinetic Sculpture exploring Spatial Interaction using Threads in Motion

Project at AxLab

Threading Space is a kinetic sculpture that explores how spatial perception can be transformed by dynamically and geometrically reconfiguring physical lines of thread. As the threads interact and intertwine with each other, they become a hypnotic medium for tangible patterns in three-dimensional space.

South Side Science Festival


At the South Side Science Festival, AxLab had the chance to show off some of our research prototypes to over 200+ visitors.


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Over time, this page will be updated with previous, current, and upcoming personal projects. If this page has gone an unreasonably long time without being updated, you can assume that it is due to .

Stick S'talk

Inspired by the talking stick, Stick S'talk was a project to create a tangible talking stick. With an embedded IMU, vibration motor, and two sets of NeoPixel LED arrays, Stick S'talk was a prototype Tangible User interface that could act a silent moderator. 


Inspired by my experience at Ars Electronica 2023, Pedestal focuses on the paradox of art analysis. Oftentimes, people will find incredibly profound meaning in an artwork while others will only make asinine comments. Pedestal attempts to mimic this with a virtual experience.


An UChicago run, open-source project in C, Chiventure is a game engine that allows users to construct their own text-based adventure games. Contributions mostly come students of the "Introduction to Software Development" class offered on campus. I took this class in the spring of 2021, and became a contributor to the project.


The JavaScript ARM Emulator (JARME) project was a way to visualize and demonstrate how arm commands are executed. JARME is still in progress, but can currently execute 8 basic commands.


As a part of my internship for Crime-Vision, I constructed a fully functioning machine vision model to detect people and cars from street camera. I trained the model completely from scratch based off of YOLOv8 and Ultralytics


UChicago hosts the prestigious collegiate Model United Nations conference, ChoMUN, annually. Most chairs use a combination of spreadsheets and a timer to keep track of their committee. When I chaired My own committee, I decided to take a more advanced approach and develop an open-source platform that would allow people to more easily chair a committee. 


A more advanced version of "AutoChair," Decorum was a chairing and moderating tool deployed at the Model United Nation of the University of Chicago, the third biggest Model Conference in the United States. I personally designed and programmed the entire application myself using React.  


A art project originally designed to create a sense of isolation from traditional web design, Alienation randomly generates elements using d3 to display to create a random screen experience.

Bangla Tester

When taking a class in Bangla, I found most online flashcard websites unable to meet my needs of testing me with the different letters of the Bangla alphabet. To remedy this, I constructed my own flashcard application to test me on the consonants, vowels, and joint letters of the Bangla alphabet.


Alongside my technical experience in computer science and hardware, I've also spent time with graphic design. Although many of these designs are unfinished, I'm still proud to show them off.

MUNUC Anniversary Poster

Chicago Stamp


Crossroads Motel


UC Open Data Logo