Over my time at the University of Chicago, I've had the opportunity to connect with some amazing fellow students in student organizations, and I've also had some incredible work experiences at AxLab, Ballotpedia and the Sean Casten Campaign for Congress.

Work Experience


Machine Vision Intern
Jun 2023 — Aug 2023
  • Trained a custom machine vision model to detect pedestrians and vehicles to maximize performance and minimize resource utilization.
  • Worked with a wide variety of existing machine vision models, including YOLOv8 and MobileNet to create a model that could be deployed for on-the-edge inference tasks.
  • Developed a machine vision pipeline designed around Linux-based hardware and open-source software.

UChicago Institute of Politics

Data Engineering Intern
Apr 2023 — Present
  • Managed data systems involving hundreds of students, employers and jobs for the Institute of Politics.
  • Streamlined data entry and management workflow using scripting and automation.

University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science

Teacher’s Assistant/Grader for ‘Actuated User Interfaces and Technology’ course
Jan 2023 — Apr 2023
  • Advise students and review class material through lectures and regularly hosted office hours.
  • Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions
  • Produce code and prepare lesson plans on the field of Actuated Technology
  • Prepare course materials such as homework assignments and projects

Actuated Experience Labs

Full-Time Researcher
Jun 2022 — Sept 2022
Student Researcher
Sept 2022 — Present
  • Develop interactive technologies that are 'actuated' (mechanically shape-changing and reconfigurable) to 'actuate' (motivate and encourage) people through embodied, physical, and tangible interactions.
  • Design user experiences through interactive and actuated User Interface technologies.
  • Author research in the fields of Interaction Design and Human-Computer interaction. (At this time, all of my research is still private).


News and Editorial Intern
Jun 2021 — August 2021
  • Researched, wrote, and published articles on hundreds of local, state, and federal candidates and elections for one of the most visited websites in America.
  • Designed and built 100+ webpages to help monitor and organize research on candidates and elections, and updated the corresponding back-end database of a website informing more than 6 million users since 2018.

Sean Casten Campaign for Congress

Finance Intern
Sep 2019 — Jun 2020
  • Assisted in raising more than $5 million by analyzing and reporting patterns in donor history of over 1000+ contributors across several projects.
  • Contacted hundreds of constituents through SMS to offer assistance and resources in navigating state and federal level COVID-19 policies.
  • Managed daily administrative tasks such as directing volunteers, managing events, and collaborating with staff on various district-based projects.

Collegiate Experience

University of Chicago

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a Specialization in Human Computer Interaction
Bachelors of Arts in Economics with a Specialization in Data Science
Expected June 2024

Experience with Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Statistical Models and Methods, Software Development and Computer Systems.

UChicago Open Data Project

President and Chair
Mar 2022 — Present
Sep 2020 — Mar 2022
  • Leader of the only Open Data Project at the University of Chicago, dedicated to making information more publicly available.
  • Collect, analyze, and distribute data related to UChicago and the Hyde Park area.
  • Produce reports studying the history, patterns, and statistics of the private University of Chicago Police Department from publicly released data.

UChicago Robotics Team

Programming and Electronics Team Member
Jan 2022 — Present
  • Design and construct robots for the purpose of competitions
  • Collaborate with other other students to develop a pathfinding algorithm and GUI for prototype development.
  • Work with open-source software to build production-level code for robot interface and software.

UChicago Institute of Politics

Student Advisory Board
May 2023 — Present
Fellows Ambassador Team Leader
Sep 2023 — Dec 2023
TechTeam Board Member
Mar 2022 — Present
Fellows Ambassador
Sep 2021 — Dec 2021
  • Directly reported to the Executive Directors of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics to guide the future of the institute
  • Led the team that served Governor Kate Brown during her time at the University of Chicago by organizing seminars and facilitating office hours. 
  • Serve as board member as one of the largest tech-oriented organizations at the University of Chicago.
  • Manage the organizational side of the TechTeam as one of the members of the Special Projects committee.
  • Acted as fellows ambassador for Russel Moore, a religious and community leader, serving as his guide to student life.
  • Assisted Russel Moore with his IOP engagements, as well as the preparations and managerial aspects of his weekly seminars

Model United Nations of the University of Chicago

Chief Technology Officer
Mar 2022 — Apr 2023
Deputy Director of Technology
Sep 2021 — Mar 2022
  • Member of the Executive Committee of MUNUC, facilitating the largest student run organization at the University of Chicago, with over 200+ students.
  • Maintain and update the MUNUC website and associated DNS server, which is accessed by thousands of visitors on an annual basis.
  • Assess technological considerations of an annual conference of over 3000+ delegates.


April 2021 — May 2023
Travel Team Member
Mar 2021 — May 2023
Assistant Chair
Dec 2020 — Apr 2021
  • Research the history and current status of countries to construct 50+ page background guides in order to chair committees at one of the most prestigious collegiate Model UN conferences in the nation.
  • Travel across the country to compete on one of the most highly ranked collegiate Model UN teams in the nation.

Pre-Collegiate Experience

Elgin High School

GPA - 4.638/4.00
Graduated May 2020

Awarded with John Benson Award for Mathematics, High Honor Roll, AP Scholar with Honors, State Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish, and Mathematics Achievement Award.

Let's Move Elgin

Student Board Member
Oct 2018 — Oct 2019
  • Involved in organizing and publicizing a 5k and 10k race hosted in the city of Elgin.
  • Coordinated with other student board members to increase attendance.

Math Team

Apr 2017 — May 2020
Sep 2016 - Apr 2017
  • Lead Math Team to qualify for Illinois State Competition.
  • Won several awards in categories, including Eight-Person Team, Orals, Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.

Elgin High School Band

Section Leader
May 2019 - May 2020
Technical Director
May 2019 - May 2020
  • Managed 100+ students during daily practices and weekly school-wide performances.
  • Maintained and updated the public website for one of the largest bands in Illinois.

National Honors Society

Service Chairman
May 2019 — May 2020
  • Served in an elected position to manage an organization grounded in academic achievement and public service.
  • Organized and tracked the service hours of over 50+ students.

Scholastic Bowl

May 2018 — May 2020
  • Competed against dozens of schools in an academic competition centered around math, science, literature and history.
  • Organized an event hosted at Elgin High School to allow other schools to compete.

Model United Nations Team

Head Delegate
Sept 2016 - May 2020
  • Conducted extensive research on a particular country on several occasions to develop positions and write comprehensive essays on topics including sustainable energy, immigration reform, nuclear disarmament, self-determination, and other complex topics.
  • Competed at several National Model United Nations conferences, including at the University of Chicago Lab Schools and Northwestern University.

Spanish National Honors Society

May 2019 — May 2020
May 2018 — May 2019
  • Maintained inventory and scheduled weekly meetings for 30+ society members.
  • Typed various correspondence, reports, and other written materials for distribution.

Science Olympiad

Sep 2015 — May 2018
  • Competed in activities requiring skills in research and engineering.
  • Was successfully able to advance to competitions at the regional and state levels.